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Photo Credit: Sage Hayes


After traveling between San Francisco & Maine for several years I'm finally home. Maine kept pulling at my heart with it's wild beauty, jagged coastline, glacial lakes and charm. I could never let go, so this past year I made the decision to return full-time to my beautiful little island community off the coast of Maine by ferry boat. You know how you can have a soul mate or soul pet? Maine is my soul place. I've been published, won awards, been named top 100 wedding photographers, and more than anything I've been blessed by working with some of the most amazing clients who come back time and again.

Some clients include; Lululemon, Whole Foods, Cellar 8 Wines, Spoonful Magazine, Samavor Tea, Pet Food Express, Petco, IDEXX, Putney Inc., Brides, and more.
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My dad was the photographer in the family. In some ways it's where I got my start. He captured my 2 favorite things growing up, Halloween and our dogs, Penny and Prince.
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